Why honey is good for your health?

Why honey is good for your health?

It is said about honey, that it is the the nectar of the Gods... According to the cultures it is the long life elixir. 

Its therapeutics virtues are numerous.

Since Antiquity honey is used for its antiseptic and healing properties. Today these benefits are used in hospitals for burns and sores. 

It has been part of beauty rituals for centuries. The Egyptians used it to protect their hair and their skin.

It is perfect to nourish the skin. Its richness in trace elements as zinc, copper and selenium, minerals such as phosphorus and iron, calcium just to name a few, makes it a ideal regenerant for hair and skin.

It is also rich in vitamins, A,B,C,D,H and PP and amino acids. it contributes at the regeneration of cells by boosting their multiplication. 

The honeys of thyme and from provence have incomparable cicatrizing and regenerating properties. 

For all these reasons you find honey in cosmetics. 

I know honey is one of the most hotly debated topics among vegans and non-vegans... I know some of you use honey, I do. I have the luck to live in a country where I can have the choice, people didn't turn bees into a factory-farm. We love bees, because we know how important they are. We protect them. Of course it is not everywhere like that. 

Bees do not pollinate plants in order to serve humans needs, it is simply a secondary aspect of their nectar collecting. They would do it anyway. I could say that insects die when we harvest crops and as living people we will inevitably cause some form of cruelty... I believe that natural apiculture should be one of the bedrocks of sustainable and resilient food production. Hives managed properly, such as those harvested during spring, and products from local hives should help landscapes to flourish. 

Although we selected a few cosmetics with honey or bee wax, If you don't want cosmetics with bee products be sure we will not put them in your box. 

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    mai 1, 2017

    Hi, thanks for this post. Very interesting. If I subscribe, How can I be sure not to have bee products in my box? Thank you

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    mai 1, 2017

    Hello Helen, If you don't want any products with bee "things" inside no worry about that. Just write it when you order. Or send us an email. We will do the necessary. Have a beautiful day.

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